Carrier 96% AFUE.gif

Carrier 96% AFUE

Model 59TP5A

Two Stage Performance Boost

Deluxe 4-Way Multipoise

Condensing Gas Furnace

Standard Features

  • Comfort Heat Technology two stage heating operation
  • Quiet operation.
  • High-efficiency basic ECM multiple-speed blower motor for electrically efficient operation all year long in heating, cooling and continuous fan operation
  • Humidistat Control compatible; dehumidification input for better comfort
  • SmartEvap technology helps to control humidity levels in the home when used with a compatible humidity control system
  • ComfortFan technology allows control of continuous fan speed from a compatible thermostat
  • Ideal height 35" cabinet: short enough for taller coils, but still allows enough room for service
  • Silicon Nitride Power Heat Hot Surface Igniter
  • External media Filter Cabinet included
  • 4-way multipoise design for upflow, downflow or horizontal installation, with unique vent elbow and optional through the cabinet downflow venting capability
  • Multi-speed ECM blower motor, two speed inducer motor, and two stage gas valve
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Aluminized steel primary heat exchanger
  • Stainless steel condensing secondary heat exchanger
  • Propane convertible
  • Convenient Electronic Air Cleaner and Humidifier connections